What I could buy for 1000 / month

£1000/month not including bills , you would be living in a mansion right , with a swimming pool and a built in gym with a massive garden. Well anywhere else in the world , yes, but London, nope. £1000 a month gets you a dingy one room ‘studio’ that is underground, has no washing machine , a window with bars on the outside and stinks of mould. It should be illegal for people to actually be allowed to classify and advertise at that place as a ‘studio’ . The landlord should feel shame when unlocking the door to let people in. Why they even bother locking that door I don’t know as the smell alone would keep squatters out ! £1000 a month for rent I thought I’m going to be the high life , a thousand pound a month I at least thought I’d have my own washing machine in an apartment, not having to run up flights of stairs to share one with 6 other flats ! Best believe I went and bought myself several drinks that night and seriously contemplated London life

Photo credit : a thankful couple who were glad they had masks over their faces when entering said flat

Never shave your mans head

A woman can work longer hair – just tie it up. But a man has no options but to turn into shaggy from Scooby Doo. So my man bought a razor and I was asked today could I do a fade. He showed me pictures and made me watch two video tutorials (in front of him so he knew I was watching). Well it ended up that we had a 20 minute argument after I refused to do it anymore as I was physically sweating from being so stressed from cutting this mans hair ! So he took the razor to the bathroom and didn’t he fuck it right up. I had a nice wee line drawn and his stubborn ass made it bumpy . After the initial arguments of “your never touching my hair again” he now sat quietly on the chair as I fixed it (well better than before). But this is forewarning you never go near your mans hair as it is an unnecessary stress we can all avoid. Also I now have a new found appreciation for the skills and patience of barbers.

Photo credit: a relieved woman

Ordering pizza

Why is it that when you order pizza any other female that walks past and sees you eating it instantly judges . Are they jealous you are eating pizza and they want it or are the envious that you can eat it and they can’t. But why can’t they eat it, why do I feel guilty for eating it ? I had this roommate once that ordered pizza and tried to hide it from us , answering the door before the delivery guy could ring the doer bell and binning the box in the outside bin. It’s like by not letting us know she had it then she never really had it . But that’s what caused me to judge and also I don’t think it’s healthy to order as many takeaways as she did . I have this other roommate that tells me that she is eating healthy this week so can’t have pizza with me then orders it late at night with her boyfriend without me . That one gets me cause I feel betrayed but then I think why do I give a fuck – she has the right to eat pizza with whoever she wants . My thing with pizza is that the next day I feel I have to exercise to excuse it . But honestly I enjoy eating it and I enjoy exercising the next day – it’s motivation. I also have lost some weight recently and I have noticed that I have this insane obsession with adding up everything I ate that day . I tell myself I’m not counting calories because I’m really not but adding up everything you eat down to the last nut isn’t mentally healthy either . Like don’t get me wrong I’m not some size zero model figure and I’ve just said I’m ordering pizza . This whole post is about pizza but I know I have a problem with adding up food . I want to be skinny but not to skinny – Maybe it’s a control thing . I’m really not there yet to understand why I do it but I know knowing I do it and that it isn’t good is a start. Anyways I’m ordering pizza and I’ve just had a beer and gonna save my other for my pizza . Not that I’m counting beers…

Photo credit : My Rajli
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